Commercial Representation

Commercial representation provides the planning and execution of the commercial activities of foreign private or legal persons who wish to do business in Turkey.

Business representative analyzes the business environment that foreign private and legal entities target in Turkey before carrying out their commercial activities at the planning stage.  With the activities carried out within the scope of Sourcing Agent service, prevailing the details requested regarding the business field and reports accordingly.

At the planning stage, it prepares road maps showing following steps and workflows to be taken to carry out commercial activities.

At this stage, detailed studies are carried out about the company foundation, human resource planning, tax calculations. As per scope of Contract Management, the contracts that must be prepared in accordance with Turkish law . Notwithstanding, the budget and costs of the investment or business activity are calculated.

Business representative ensures the activities defined in the planning and execution stages.

Commercial Partner ensures sustainability, without disruption at the stage of organizing and executing commercial activities. It contributes to the smooth operation of the designed system. Business representative are eliminated the risks that may arise, by prior analysis. After the occurrence of non-preventable risks, it performs recovery and improvement efforts so that the activities are not disrupted. Progress or annual reports are prepared by commercial partner at each transaction stage as often as requested. Commercial partner, without leaving your country allows you to have a Turkey liaison office and allows you to perform your activities with business representation in Turkey easily.

Why Business Representation in Turkey?

The world’s population will always continue to be larger than your country’s population. This indicates that doing business outside your country can always be more profitable.

Business life in the country where you are based can become a little more difficult every day. This difficulty will lead you to open up to larger markets where it is easy to do business.

Turkey, being one of the world’s largest economies, is one of the best places to grow your business due to its young population, manufacturing power and capacity, where commercial activities are easy. Due to its geopolitical located in the middle of the world with easy transport links of transportation, it draws the attention of foreign investors from all over the world.

Being one of the world’s largest exporters in various sectors is a clear indication of Turkey’s capacity.

Thanks to this capacity, your commercial representative can provide the International Trade Consulting service in the fastest and most reliable way. As per your trade with Turkey, it can provide the best quality products at affordable prices in Far Eastern countries. It also allows you to manage your export processes to Turkey.

Thanks to the business representation in Turkey, the commercial activities that you will carry out in Turkey will have the advantages of being local.

Benefits of Commercial Representation

Trading in a new country can be risky and costly. Structuring costs can strain your company’s finances. If your activities do not work, your expenses for structuring costs may be wasted.

Being here permanently for the purpose of running activities, or constantly traveling, can lead to increased costs and disruptions to your activities in your home country.

Turkey liaison office, minimize your risks by reducing structuring costs and make a contribution to you to saving time. Turkey liaison office, helps smooth execution of your business activities without taking risks.

Who Can Benefit from Commercial Representation?

Anyone who wants to enter the Turkish market, buying and selling, renting, setting up a company, etc. all individuals and legal entities wishing to engage in commercial activities can benefit from commercial representation services.


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