Export Coaching

Export coaching works on planning, implementing and finalizing the exportprocesses of your business from start to finish. From the day you decide toexport, he will be your companion.
The planning phase begins with the corporate identity analysis of your business. Exterior appearance and storefront are examined in detail. The website, social media accounts and product catalogs are under scrutiny. However, the fiscal, financial, operational and production structure of your business is examined. Analyses are made on production capacity, input costs, personnel infrastructure and export budget.
During the implementation phase, studies are carried out on the elimination of deficiencies identified in the planning process. In accordance with the needs of the enterprise and the budget that it will set out, export-oriented infrastructure strengthening works are completed.
At the conclusion stage, thanks to the strong infrastructure that your business has, market research is conducted that matches your products with the international experience that we have. After determining the priority market, target leads are determined. After identifying the target leads, your lead is contacted. Strategic sales and marketing tactics that will be applied ensure that your candidate is interested in your product.
During the completion phase, all risks and responsibilities that may arise during the agreement with your lead are analyzed. It is completed by following the process until loading, delivery and export price are brought to the up country.

Why Export Coaching?

Export coaching does not only work for exports. It also examines all the risks and costs that your business will face when trading internationally. For example, it analyzes the country and supplier to which you will import.It helps to calculate the tax, customs and logistics costs you will pay.

Benefits of Export Coaching

Export coaching allows you to save time and money by supporting of professionals who have experienced these processes personally before, rather than a few new staff who speak foreign languages that you will have in the business. Along with a detailed competitive analysis that the export coach will conduct, it reaches the customers of your competitors located in the target market. It quickly completes ready buyer lists using export databases and contacts them. It reports all activities and delivers them to your business.

Who Can Benefit from Export Coaching?

Businesses that want to open abroad, manufacturers or just want to become exporters can benefit from export coaching.


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