Sourcing Agent

The sourcing agent allows you to reach the producers of raw materials and products needed by your business in Turkey. Efficient use of resources, achieving competitiveprices, technical and risk analysis of cost benefit balance, contract management andproduct logistics contribute to your business.
The sourcing agent begins with the investigation of the suppliers of the raw materials and products needed. In addition to the company database it has in house, it allows you to quickly obtain supplier lists using various sources.
After the creation of supplier lists, negotiations are provided with suppliers about therequested commodity. Technical details are provided to the buyer, after which negotiations with the suppliers begin. Simultaneously, intelligence work is carried out on the supplier. Financial balance sheets, production capacity, personnel adequacy are examined. Feasibility reports are prepared to ensure smooth progress of your procurement process. Along with technical negotiations on the requested commodity, commercial negotiations are also conducted. Details such as the supplier's price, delivery time, delivery method and requested payment method are provided to the contract. If the commodity to be supplied is to undergo the manufacturing phase, all stages of manufacturing are followed. Compliance with theagreement provided with process control is tested. In case of any delay or glitch, thesubject will be reported immediately. During the manufacturing phase, the compliance of the commodity manufactured with the technical requirements contained in the contract is subject to quality control tests at the manufacturing site.After completion of manufacturing, final checks are carried out before delivery. Packing is checked. Compliance with the type of transport to be carried out and international transport rules are tested and their results are reported.
The sourcing agent follows the logistics and customs processes of the commodity arriving at the transport stage. It provides and controls the documents required for both exit customs and arrival customs. If the documents are incorrect, a contact is made with the relevant unit and quickly the correction process is followed up. It ensures the completion of the procurement process by making the necessary coordination between the supplier, buyer, customs broker and transportation company.

Why Sourcing Agent?

The sourcing agent works to facilitate trade, which is becoming a little more difficult every day. Many manufacturers or consumers are looking for new suppliers due to problems that may occur with an existing supplier, extended production and delivery times. Especially in far countries, the length of supply time causes businesses to search for new suppliers. Turkey is on its way to becoming the
manufacturing base of the world thanks to its production of higher quality with almost the same price from far countries.Thanks to its geopolitical position, it can supply products to European countries within 24 hours. Through the Sourcing Agent, you can make your existing productionline work more efficiently by contacting suppliers in Turkey.

Benefits of Sourcing Agent

The sourcing agent prevents your loss of time and money due to its cost benefit approach. It allows you to communicate effectively with your potential supplier and improve your existing supply system. It reduces your input costs by finding suppliersthat produce cheaper and higher quality. It aims to reduce your purchasing risks along with effective contracts. It creates the necessary regulation and infrastructure for fast Customs and transport operations.

Who Can Benefit from a Sourcing Agent?

Anyone who has problems with their existing suppliers, is concerned about the length of delivery times and quality, can benefit from the sourcing agent.


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